Get the guaranteed best price on Tuners like the Roadie Tuner Roadie Bass Automatic String Tuner at Musician's Friend. Therefore, the new tuner has twice the power of the Roadie 2. The RD250 Roadie Bass is an automatic string tuner that is easy to use, extremely accurate and can fine tune your guitar in seconds. Roadie Bass is an automatic string tuner that is easy to use, extremely accurate and can fine tune your guitar in seconds. A chromatic tuner built for all instruments. Its beautiful and intuitive interface makes tuning a breeze to get the real music to flow out of your instrument. Roadie 2 is completely standalone allowing you to tune anywhere even in noisy environments using vibration detection instead of a microphone. Roadie Bass Tuner for Bass and Guitars. The Roadie Bass Tuner for Bass and Guitars changes the way you tune even in a noisy environment. The Roadie Bass Tuner has a powerful motor that can turn even rusty pegs. It's your chance to get your hands on these revolutionary products and impress everyone around you this Holiday Season. Tune your electric, acoustic, classical guitars, ukulele and more in just seconds. Moreover, only 30 seconds it’s all going to takes to perfect guitar tune. When charging, the LED indicator turns red. The factory reset will erase all your data from the app and Roadie. Roadie Bass of course not only tunes all my acoustic 6 string guitars effortlessly, which include 2 Ovations, a Godin Multiac Steel, an Epiphone Lennon Casino and a Fender 12 string, it quickly tunes the House Acoustic when on the road, including an Ibanez Bass guitar and any others in my Studio at home. Roadie 2 and Roadie Bass operate on a Lithium Polymer battery. Roadie Bass is a guitarist's best friend and is compatible with almost all stringed instruments with guitar-like machine heads. Roadie Bass is compatible with almost all stringed instruments with guitar-like machine heads. ... Bass Tuner App by Roadie - Duration: 39 seconds. Please unplug the USB-C cable when charging is complete. Roadie Bass Roadie really has been an amazing tool as I host open mic nights. Does Roadie 2 work on instruments besides the guitar? Choose between 40+ alternate tunings or create your own custom tuning. This app is optimized to detect low frequencies making it ideal for bass guitars, upright bass, cello, and even electric, acoustic and classical guitars. If Roadie 2 or Roadie Bass become unresponsive (frozen) , and a hard reset doesn't bring it back to normal, navigate to your Roadie's settings in the app and perform a factory reset. When the battery is low it can be charged through the USB-C port. When the charging LED indicator turns green, it means that the battery is fully charged. Roadie 3 is our new flagship automatic instrument tuner… Get a low price and free shipping on thousands of items. P.S. What is the right order for tuning the strings? Roadie 2/Roadie Bass FAQs. Designed by musicians for musicians it is built to be highly accurate and responsive. Don't miss out on the best deals of the year for Roadie 2 and Roadie Bass automatic instrument tuners! Tune Faster Now With Roadie 3. Roadie 2 tunes all sorts of string instruments with guitar-like machine heads including electric, acoustic, classical, and steel guitars, 7 and 12-string guitars, ukuleles, mandolins, banjos, etc. It is fully standalone and uses vibration detection to tune even in the noisiest environments. Roadie 2 is an automatic string tuner that is quick, easy to use, and three times more accurate than the human ear. What are some common alternate tunings? Some errors you might be having can be resolved by updating Roadie's firmware. What is the difference between Roadie 2 and Roadie Bass? How do I connect my mobile device to Roadie via Bluetooth? This excludes bass guitars (check out Roadie Bass) or instruments with wooden pegs.

roadie bass tuner manual

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